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“I had been experiencing neck pain for 4 years, tried acupuncture, and one day I heard Dr. James on the radio. Did some research and called him. I had some neck treatments, and now I have no more pain. I can flex my neck front and back.

Then, I began to have treatments on my back, as well, and now my back is responding quite well.”

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Mary Catherine

“I came to Dr. James about 2 months ago with a great deal of pain and what I would consider to be disability. I had four bulging discs.

I was referred to Dr. James office by my chiropractor. I had been dealing with this pain for quite awhile, and was at my wit’s end. I needed treatment my chiropractor couldn’t give me.

The examination I received from Dr. James was very thorough. I was very impressed by it, and immediately started my course of treatment. I came in three times a week for the last 6 weeks. After just 1 week, I found that I was in less and less pain.

The staff gave me exercises to do which helped a great deal. I have to say, I love coming in everyday. The staff is great! They always greet me warmly and knew my first name immediately, which is impressive because I have worked with people for 20 years who didn’t know me by name, and here they knew my name after 1 day.

It is a joy to come into the office every day. Now, I am at the end of my treatment and I am completely pain free at this point. The only disappointment I have is that I won’t be able to come in everyday and see such happy people.”

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“I was referred to Dr. James by a friend of mine who had severe back pain. I was very impressed by his results and decided to come in and check it out for myself.

I came in after having a nerve conduction test and wanted to know what exactly was going on. Dr. James sent me to get an MRI. He was very through about going over the results of my MRI and showed me exactly what was going on in my lower back.

I experience a lot of pain, having trouble bending and doing the exercises I was doing… I like to walk I like to hike, and I was having challenges doing that. So, I decided to come in and check it out for myself and I went through his treatment program. Everything was explained to me in an upbeat and very thorough manner, and I was very impressed with the personalized program that was set up for me.

Now, 6 months later, I am happy to tell you I am able to run marathons, I’ve been horseback riding, and I am virtually pain free. I am not experiencing any of the symptoms that I had.

It was actually fun to come into the office and use the spinal decompression therapy machine. I was coming twice a week for 2 - 4 months. In the beginning, I was a little bit sore. But after a few visits, I definitely felt a change. I followed Dr. James treatment plan very diligently, and it definitely paid off.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone - I have experienced miraculous results and it is a fun place to come to!”

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