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Integrated Physicians is a chiropractic neurology practice that provides you with a custom configuration of solutions specific for your health needs.
We take a multimodality approach to functional medicine and wellness.
As your partner, we are dedicated to providing support and effective care -
from our comprehensive evaluations that get to the root cause of pain, health issues, and injury
to our customized non-surgical solutions designed to give you lasting results.
We’re honored to help you restore function, eliminate pain, and become the happiest, healthiest you’ve ever been.



To never rest on what we knew yesterday - but to continuously learn and apply leading edge diagnostics and applications to better serve you, so that you can return to a happier and healthier life as quickly as possible.
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Integrated Physicians is West Los Angeles’s leading chiropractic neurology clinic. We exist to build a world in which everyone is happier, healthier, and open to possibilities beyond to what has been given.

From our fun, compassionate team of experts to our office space, our practice is a sanctuary where our patients not only feel, but know they are at home. We genuinely care about each individual, viewing those we serve as people, not patients. Our team changes lives by providing accurate and honest evaluations and lasting results.

We break down where a person’s health issues are stemming from and offer unique solutions by approaching pain and health issues from neurological, metabolic, and structural functional models. If you are seeking the best possible care and treatment tailored to fit your specific situation, you’ve come to the right place. By listening to and understanding your needs, worries, and desires, we can successfully collaborate with you to achieve your goals and regain ease in your life.




…to showing people what is possible with their health. We unravel the mystery of your health issues, providing straightforward solutions to treating the whole person. Our team goes the extra mile to help you get better and improve your quality of life so that it is even better than before you first started to experience pain.



+ Read Dr. James's Story

Growing up, I was always a bit of a wild-child. I was definitely an adventurous, albeit rowdy young man. One day, after roughhousing with my friends, I hurt my neck and back pretty badly. I couldn’t lift my head off my shoulder despite all the ibuprofen and aspirin given to me. My father suggested that we go see his friend Dr. Martin Lawrence, the neighborhood chiropractor.

After my first adjustment, I was 30% better. Within a week, I reached full recovery. What sparked my intrigue, however, was that my digestive issues started improving, as well. Thus, my exploration into the world of chiropractic began.

Many years later, I became a chiropractor and began studying a system of care that truly changed the spines of my patients - the Pettibon System. It was the first thing I encountered in chiropractic that truly corrected spines. In fact, I was so awed by what we were doing that I mastered that system and became an instructor and one of the members of the Pettibon advisory board.

After analyzing the system in greater detail, I remember telling Dr. Pettibon that I found his explanations about how his system worked either inaccurate or outdated. He encouraged me to dig deeper. I needed to connect what I was seeing in my patients and their x-rays with a logical explanation for how all this was working. In search of answers, I picked up my study of neurology (that I began in 1993) once more in earnest. I focused specifically on functional neurology, the study of how our brains’ process and integrate all sensory inputs, and the effect it has on our brain. Neurology explained the unexplainable, and helped me make sense of what we were actually doing as chiropractors. This showed me how to help people get better in ways I had never imagined. For example, understanding the relationship between eye movements and spinal function allowed us to develop novel methods to help rehabilitate the brain to restore function to the lower back. I now had a whole other set of tools to help patients with!

Several years ago, I published a paper in a peer reviewed journal on the neurology of the Pettibon proprietary head weighting system on the nervous system, so those learning the system could have it explained to them accurately.

Advancements in technology and science are moving so very fast. It’s vital for me to always be learning and keeping up with new technology, so I can use this new information to continue to bring solutions to patients that are insightful and efficient.

I have followed up my board certification in neurology with studies in vestibular disorders, neurochemistry, and nutrition, and have accrued hundreds of hours studying clinical applications in blood chemistry, autoimmune disorders, thyroid conditions, and blood sugar issues. I’ve also completed my post-graduate training in traumatic brain injuries and functional neurological orthopedic rehabilitation.

In 2003, we were the very first providers offering non-surgical spinal decompression in Los Angeles. I’ve witnessed thousands of patients regain function and get their lives back because of these tables, and have also experienced the miracle myself.

After experiencing excruciating pain as a result of the combination of a weightlifting mishap and moving furniture, an MRI revealed that I had 3 herniations (a 4mm disc herniation at C5-C6, a 12x6x3 mm herniation at C6-C7, and a 7x4x3 herniation at C7-T1). I remember my neuroradiologist personally calling to congratulate me: “Congratulations Dr. James! You’ve got the real thing here, and it’s pushing up against your spinal cord... I don’t recommend getting surgery; I don’t see very good outcomes with that.”

Honestly, there were more than a few moments, despite everything I know, where I thought, “You know what, I want surgery. I need this excruciating pain to stop - I mean I can’t function!” Fortunately, I was able to avail myself of my spinal decompression tables.

After the first few treatments, I experienced enough relief to start seeing patients again. Within three weeks, I was 80% pain free. It has been 4 years since my injury, and I have full movement in my neck, no pain at all, and no loss of function! Frankly, in the world of surgeons, what I was able to do with non-surgical spinal decompression was a miracle - that’s lasted!

We recently upgraded to much more advanced tables with extended capabilities to rotate, laterally bend, flex, and extend the spine. Our new tables also allow us to position a patient face up or face down, and alter treatment patterns in ways that were simply impossible on the older models. The difference is like driving a Mercedes S Class versus a 1980 Oldsmobile - nothing against the Oldsmobile, but if you can drive a safer, better handling, more comfortable car for less, who wouldn’t want to do that?

We also offer a functional medicine approach to a variety of illnesses, from gastrointestinal to autoimmune and blood sugar problems. Functional medicine by definition means we work to get to the underlying cause of your health issue, rather than just cover it up with drugs. In addition, we often find that physical pain can be complicated by an underlying metabolic issue, and once that is corrected, we’re finally able to achieve the result you’re after.

The bottom line is that if you have pain, then you have lost function. The quicker we restore function, the faster you are out of pain. Whether you contact us about helping you get out of pain for a herniated disc, sciatica, or stenosis, or you are calling us about other health issues, our team’s approach is to always look to the underlying cause and dysfunction and correct it naturally and in harmony with how your body was designed to work.

Wishing you the very best on your journey to a healthy pain free life!

Dr. Jeffrey James D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

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