Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM) is a device we utilize that is designed to restore normal neuromuscular input to your brain, and therefore normalize output from your brain to your muscles. This allows your neural network to fire in patterns appropriate for the movement they are performing.

The normalization of correct firing patterns from the brain to muscles is achieved by stabilizing you and getting you out of pain. When your brain perceives pain, it alters muscular output to compensate. ATM allows us to restore normal movement sometimes in minutes!



…of ATM is to provide immediate and long-lasting benefits for anyone suffering from back, neck, shoulder, hip, or knee pain. ATM allows us to isolate specific muscle groups while you perform several repetitions in a given direction. This therapy retrains your central nervous system to create coordinated  neuromuscular movement. The result is better function, reduced pain, and greatly improved range of motion/movement, reducing the likelihood of further injury.