Functional Neurology (or Chiropractic Neurology) is the clinical application of known neurological principles. This means that we work with the understanding that your nervous system is plastic and has the ability to change its function based upon any input that it receives. As your nervous system is exposed to different stimuli, it both prunes and grows new synaptic connections allowing it to express itself more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, we can use almost any stimulus and then evaluate for changes in the way your nervous system responds to determine if that input is beneficial.

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If a given stimulus promotes positive changes, then purposely providing that stimulus repetitively creates plasticity within those pathways until something called long term potentiation is achieved. This means that those pathways have changed and now require much less stimuli to keep them functioning appropriately.


The nature of your condition and examination will guide us in determining which receptor based therapies would be best for you to start with, and as we observe changes in the function of your nervous system, different therapies may be added to provide more input leading to greater degrees of plasticity and therefore improved function for you.


Below are some of the conditions that we treat using functional neurology.
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