Your initial consultation, or as we like to refer to it, a friendly little interrogation, is where the process must begin to allow us to turn over any and all stones to get to how you were injured or how you began to lose your health. It helps paint a picture of what your body is trying to tell us in order to help it heal. We ask a lot of questions, some may make sense to you, and others may not.


We often hear people say,

“No doctor has ever asked me that before.”


and after we explain the connection, the refrain is

“Well, that makes sense!”



“I didn’t know that.”


Don’t worry! Interrogations can be fun, we promise! We learn about you, you learn more about yourself, and you learn we aren’t mean either. There’s nothing to be scared of; no ones going to jail afterward.


After we’ve gathered the pertinent facts we need to determine the next step, we’ll have a brief conversation about what that looks like and where we progress from there. There won’t be any surprises, just straight talk about the next steps to take to get to the bottom of what ails you.


The RunDown

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In our office the process starts with our initial conversation. You talk, we listen. We arrive at the starting point of your symptoms.



Our functional neurological examinations are a thorough assessment of how your brain and your motor and sensory systems are working together. We look at everything from the quality of your eye movements, to how your joints move,  and laboratory tests. Then, we put all the pieces together for you in a way that you can understand your problem and the solution.


Advanced Diagnostics

We may send you for an x-ray, a weight bearing MRI, a CAT scan, EMG or NCV, or even blood tests.

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Diagnosis & Treatment

After we've gathered all this information, we give you a thorough understanding of your issue, your diagnosis and treatment options.

Learn more about the importance of an accurate diagnosis here.


At Integrated Physicians, we view your unique problem through a lens different than mainstream pain management and traditional chiropractic care. All of us are committed to building a world in which everyone is happier, healthier, and open to possibilities beyond to what has been given, and we do this by showing you all the possibilities with your health. We are dedicated to our high quality of care and the effectiveness of our individualized treatment programs to unravel the mystery of your health issues, providing straightforward solutions to treating the whole person.

Integrated Physicians gets to the root of the problem — we don’t just treat the symptom — and our team goes the extra mile to help you get better and improve your quality of life so that it is even better than before you first started to experience pain.


We’re here to support you.

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