Neuritis is an inflammation of a peripheral nerve, which is a nerve outside the central nervous system. There are many different types of neuritis typically named by the nerve that is affected.


Neuritis can be caused by infection, most commonly a viral infection, but it can be bacterial as well. Trauma can cause a neuritis, compression can cause a neuritis, and there are autoimmune diseases that can cause neuritis.



The symptoms vary based upon the nerve involved. For instance, if you develop optic neuritis, you might have difficulty with your vision. If you develop vestibular neuritis, you might become dizzy, you might have vertigo, or you might feel nauseous and unable to move without feeling like you were about to vomit.


The treatment for neuritis depends upon the cause of your neuritis. We like to look at not only the cause of the neuritis, but what made you susceptible to it in the first place. Our treatments are aimed at building your immune system, or balancing it so that it is not attacking itself as in autoimmunity.


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