Brain Fog


That feeling of not being able to get your brain firing on all cylinders,

or not feeling sharp, clear, or quick minded.

It’s an overall sense of a lack of clarity, often difficult to describe, which is why the term seems so appropriate for so many. You might have brain fog if you feel like you can’t think clearly and quickly until you have your coffee or some sort of caffeine. You definitely have brain fog if even caffeine doesn’t allow you to think clearly and quickly. Brain fog can make you moody irritable and even irrational. You might feel like you have trouble concentrating, or get sleepy when reading or driving.


Brain fog is a sign of inflammation in your brain and a leaky blood brain barrier. This can be caused by

  • trauma

  • stress

  • diabetes

  • poor diet

  • or a combination of other factors


Your gastrointestinal tract has a barrier that prevents bad things from getting into your bloodstream, if it’s working correctly. Just like your gastrointestinal tract, you also have a blood brain barrier that, when working properly, keeps bad things from entering into your brain’s circulation. Interestingly enough, a protein called Zonulin is the gatekeeper in both places. When zonulin is triggered inappropriately, it can increase, allowing the tight junctions that guard against unwanted antigens from entering into your brain to open and allow pro inflammatory substances to infiltrate.

When certain proteins, or any chemical, enters your brain’s circulation, this can cause an inflammatory response that shuts down appropriate neurological function, leaving you with brain fog. We can test whether you have a leaky blood brain barrier and a problem with zonulin with a simple blood test.


If you have brain fog, and are sick & tired of feeling this way,

so we can test whether you have
a leaky blood brain barrier, a problem with zonulin,
and/or if there is another cause to your brain inflammation.