Disc Bulge


A disc bulge

… is a condition where the outer fibers of a disc bulge outwards. Imagine gently squeezing a balloon between your hands — as you compress your hands together the balloon will bulge outwards on both sides.



Disc Bulges can be caused by anything that could weaken your spine and discs from trauma such as a slip and fall, or the seemingly benign aspect of a sedentary lifestyle leading to a lack of movement causing your disc to dry out and weaken. This sets the stage for everyday activities to cause your disc to bulge.



Surgery is rarely, if ever, needed for a bulging disc. Depending on the severity of a bulged disc, conservative chiropractic care might be of benefit in helping to restore function and mobility and to reduce pain. If chiropractic doesn’t work, then one of the most effective means of treating bulging discs is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. This amazing technology allows us to reduce the compressive force on the disc, reduce the disc bulge size and restore normal function to the disc. This can then remove the pressure on pinched nerves caused by the disc bulge, reducing and eliminating the pain caused by them. In addition, we do many other therapies designed to improve strength and mobility to  your spine hips and neck to reduce the likelihood of re-injury.


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