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Bone Spur

A calcium deposit in an area of the body that is under abnormal stress. It’s your body’s  attempt to fortify a weakened area. For example, if your intervertebral discs are breaking down, your body will try to stabilize this by adding calcium to the edge of the disc forming a bone spur called a disc osteophyte complex.

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Chronic Back & Neck Pain

A pain that persists more than 3 months is considered chronic, as opposed to acute or subacute. Chronic back and neck pain can extend to other areas of the body, and can have many different causes. At Integrated Physicians, we utilize the principles of functional rehabilitation and conduct a thorough evaluation resulting in an accurate diagnosis to determine the root cause of your pain.

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Failed Back Surgery

A surgical outcome where your condition was not alleviated or worse, it was aggravated by spinal surgeries such as laminectomies, spinal fusion, or discectomies. Non-surgical options need to be exhausted before going under the knife, as many surgeries fail to eliminate pain caused by disc issues.

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