Our Story


How it all began, a single powerful chiropractic adjustment.


As a young man, I was wrestling with an older brothers friend and landed on my head and neck in an unfortunate way. I couldn’t lift my head off my shoulder despite all the ibuprofen and aspirin given to me. My father suggested that we go see his friend, Dr. Martin Lawrence down the street, the neighborhood chiropractor.

After the first adjustment I was 30% better, and within a week, almost 100% better. I also noticed my digestive issues improving as well, and thus began my exploration into this world called chiropractic.

Many years later I became a chiropractor, and began studying a system of care that truly changed the spines of my patients, It was called the Pettibon System, and it was the first thing I had encountered in chiropractic that truly corrected spines. In fact, I was so awed by what we were doing that I mastered that system and became an instructor and one of the members of the Pettibon advisory board. Later on, after analyzing the system in greater detail, I remember telling Dr. Pettibon that I found his explanations about how his system worked either inaccurate or outdated. He encouraged me to dig deeper. I needed to connect what I was seeing in my patients and on their x-rays with a logical explanation for how all this was working. Thus, I picked up my study of neurology that I began in 1993 once more in earnest, more specifically, functional neurology, the study of how our brains process and integrate all sensory inputs and the affect it has on our brain, and therefore the brains output and myriad motoric expressions. Neurology explained the unexplainable, and helped me make sense of what we were actually doing as chiropractors as well as to how to help people get better in ways I hadn’t imagined. For example, understanding the relationship between eye movements and spinal function allowed us to create novel ways to help rehabilitate the brain to restore function to the lower back! I now had a whole other set of tools to help patients with!

Several years ago I published a paper in a peer reviewed journal on the neurology of the Pettibon proprietary head weighting system on the nervous system for the benefit of those being taught this system so that it was being explained accurately.

We live in a time when technology and science are moving so very fast. It’s vital for me to always be learning to keep up with new technology and connect all this with how to continue to bring solutions to patients that are common sense and intuitive.

I have followed up my board certification in neurology with studies in vestibular disorders, neurochemistry and nutrition as well as hundreds of hours studying clinical applications in blood chemistry, autoimmune disorders thyroid and blood sugar issues. And in the last few years spent hundreds of hours in post graduate training in traumatic brain injuries and functional neurological orthopedic rehabilitation.

My discovery of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression


Sometime in 2002, I friend of mine hobbled into my office in unbearable pain, he was a pretty tough guy, and his mri showed that he had large herniated discs at every lumbar level for L1 to S1, along with severe atrophy of his back muscles. I knew that even with all the things I had studied that this was not a condition that I would be able to help him with, nor was he a good candidate for surgery, and it left me feeling pretty miserable. I referred him to a physical therapist who ended up having to work with him for several hours per day for weeks to get him out of pain. It was then, that I thought that there had to be something between spinal surgery and traditional alternative treatments.

I began looking around at alternatives, and discovered a therapy called non-surgical spinal decompression. The first iteration of which was invented in 1989 and called the Vax-D. Intrigued, I looked at many different machines, and in 2003, we were one of the very first providers to offer non-surgical spinal decompression in Los Angeles. Over the years, we treated so many people successfully, that we ended up with three DRX 9000 decompression tables treating patients ten hours per day. However, the tables were very expensive to buy, very expensive to maintain, but moreover, the technology really hadn’t changed over the course of more than ten years.

My Own Disc Injury

Then in June of 2013 after a combination of a weight lifting mishap a few weeks prior and moving some furniture, I woke up in excruciating pain in my neck and upper back. As I tried to get out of bed, I felt a shooting pain into my pinky on my left hand, the index finger on my right, and an electric shock into my feet and up into my head. You don’t need to be a doctor to know something is very wrong at that point, and I knew right away it was a disc herniation. What I didn’t know was how severe it was. The MRI revealed that I had 3 herniation’s! A 4mm disc herniation at C5-C6, a 12x6x3 mm herniation at C6-C7, and a 7x4x3 herniation at C7-T1. I remember the neuro-radiologist calling me personally to say “ congratulations Dr. James you’ve got the real thing here, and it’s pushing up against your spinal cord”, “oh and if I were you I’d try to avoid surgery–I don’t see very good outcomes with surgery”

The Doctor Becomes The Patient

I remember thinking, “Well now I get to experience what my patients deal with, and what their fears are when they’re in this much pain” Honestly, I had more than a few moments, despite everything I know, where I thought– you know what, “I want surgery, I need this excruciating pain to stop—I mean I can’t function!” Fortunately for me, I owned several spinal decompression tables, and was able to avail myself of this incredible technology, and by the end of the first few treatments I was getting some relief, and was able to return to seeing patient’s! Within three weeks I was 80% pain free! It is now almost 4 years later, and I have full movement in my neck, no pain at all, and no loss of function! Frankly, in the world of surgeons, what I was able to do with non-surgical spinal decompression was a miracle—that’s lasted! So not only do I know this works because I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of patient’s success, but I’ve also experienced the miraculous pain relief first hand for myself.

Last year, we brought in much more advanced tables that allows us to rotate, laterally bend, and flex and extend the spine as well as position a patient face up or face down, and alter treatment patterns in ways that were simply impossible on the old DRX 9000’s. The difference is like driving a Mercedes S class vs a 1980 Oldsmobile, nothing against the Oldsmobile, but if you can drive a safer, better handling, more comfortable car for less, who wouldn’t want to do that?

Why I integrated the practice with other doctors

Many of the patients I treated early on were in their 70’s and 80’s. Most had severely degenerated spines as well as herniated discs leading to spinal stenosis and crippling pain, and most had been through the typical medical treatments; epidurals, facet blocks, trigger points etc, and most weren’t very satisfied with the outcome. However, after talking to pain management doctors I realized that there was a place for what they did, but also the mistake most of them made is that they didn’t take advantage of the “therapeutic window” provided by the temporary relief in pain, or didn’t know how to then work with a patient to help them restore their lost function!

So in 2012, I formed integrated Physicians Medical Group. I brought in MD’s and DO’s when we needed to get a patient relief fast, or when we needed to do something that would allow me to rehabilitate a patient more intensively without causing them more pain. So our physician might do a facet block, or trigger point injection, alleviating a patient’s pain, and allow us to immediately begin to work on rehabilitating them with non surgical spinal decompression, and other functional strengthening exercises that I might not have been able to perform on them without the injections. It was a blessing to be able to offer a more comprehensive approach to patients, who may have had these injections in the past, but because no corrective therapies were done, let alone getting them done in the right order, felt as if the injection did nothing, or was temporary which it of course is.

The bottom line is that if you have pain, then you have lost function. The quicker we restore function, the faster you are out of pain.

I have been on the constant lookout for providers who bring more to the table as it concerns a person’s health and fitness. So we will now be offering stem- cell and prolo-therapy for patients looking to avoid joint replacements, and for professional and weekend warrior athletes alike looking for a better way to recover from injuries.

We also offer our patients what is known as a functional medicine approach to a variety of illnesses, from Gastro-intestinal to autoimmune and blood sugar problems. Functional medicine by definition means we work to get to the underlying cause of your health issue, and not just cover it up with drugs. In addition, we often find that your physical pain can be complicated by an underlying metabolic issue, and when we correct that we’re finally able to achieve the result you’re after.

Whether you contact us about helping you get out of pain for a herniated disc, sciatica, or stenosis, or you are calling us about other health issues, our teams approach is to always look to the underlying cause and dysfunction and correct it naturally and in harmony with how your body was designed to work.

Wishing you the very best on your journey to a healthy pain free life!

Dr. Jeffrey James D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

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