Foot Pain

Pain in your foot can come about through a variety of causes such as gout or improper standing and walking. Pain can register as burning, numbness, tingling, stabbing pain, or difficulty bending the toes. Treatment can include fitting for the right kind of orthotic, class iv laser therapy, exercise, and vibration therapy.


These can manifest in different ways and be caused by numerous factors such as stress, TMJ, vision issues, etc. While some headaches are so severe they require hospitalization, the average headache can be examined and treated after a neurological exam.

Hip Pain

Degeneration of the hip bone or cartilage is usually to blame for hip pain, stemming from exercise to congentive conditions. Hip pain can make even walking excruciating. Treatment depends on the cause of the pain; though while many opt for hip replacement surgery, a thorough chiropractic analysis should be performed beforehand.

Knee & Joint Pain

Whether damaged cartilage or torn ligament is to blame, knee pain makes it difficult to get around. A functional and neurological assessment can identify the cause of your knee pain and begin relieving it.


Causes can be anything from pinched nerves in the neck to disc issues to rotator cuff injuries. You need to be properly evaluated regarding what might be causing your shoulder pain, but there are non-invasive procedures which can help relieve the pain.

Wrist Pain & Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

As the median nerve in your wrist becomes trapped, pain in the hands is common and can even radiate up the arm and include tingling in the finger tips. Depending on the source of the wrist pain, there are several non-surgical neurological procedures available to reduce the pain including joint manipulation to class iv laser treatments.

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