Joint inflammation caused either by an autoimmune disease, gout, or general wear and tear, resulting in pain and stiffness. Non-surgical decompression can bring hydration and nutrients to joints, and further therapy can increase your strength and range of motion to reduce inflammation.

Degenerative Spine

Also known as Degenerative Disc Disease, this is caused by the breakdown of the spinal discs resulting in back pain which can also affect the neck, hands, and feet. Non-surgical spinal decompression allows for nutrients to pour into the discs, allowing them to heal.

Facet Joints & Facet Syndrome

Facet joint conditions affect the lower back when the disc is unable to function and stress is transferred to the facet joint. Non-surgical spinal decompression can restore movement as well as reduce pressure on the facet joints. Class iv laser therapy can also be used to help circulate the blood to promote healing. This is followed up with specific exercises to strengthen your spine.

Foraminal Stenosis / Neuroforaminal Stenosis / Foraminal Narrowing

A narrowing of the opening on the side of vertebrae at the point where the nerve root exits, causing lower back or neck pain and can affect feeling in the arms and legs as well. As with most spine and disc conditions, treatment with non-surgical spinal decompression can reduce pressure on the disc and any pinched nerves.


Aching lower back pain can mean vertebrae slippage onto the vertebra under it, caused by disc degeneration or bulging. This is treatable with non-surgical spinal decompression performed in a position that works to relieve retrolisthesis.

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