Jeffrey James DC DACNB

Jeffrey James DC DACNB



Dr. James is one of under 1000 Board certified Chiropractic Neurologists worldwide. He graduated from Los Angeles Chiropractic College earning a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology in 1989, and is also Board Eligible as a Fellow in Neuro Chemistry and Nutrition FABNN, , Board Eligible as a Fellow in Vestibular Rehabilitation FABVR, as well as Traumatic Brain Injuries. He completed a post -graduate program of Functional Neurologic & Orthopedic Rehabilitation in 2015. He has taught for the Pettibon Research institute, and has been published in a peer reviewed journal on the neurological mechanisms at play with a proprietary weighting system designed to alter postural control.

Dr. James fills a unique and significant role in treating back, neck, spine, brain and nervous system disorders using safe and effective methods, producing lasting long term health benefits, many times having great success with patients for whom all other treatment methods have failed. He has inspired thousands with his knowledge, warmth and personal touch and his passion or teaching others how to restore their health and regain their vitality.

He treats patients with both typical back and neck related pains, but also pt’s who have not found relief for their spine and disc related conditions, their headaches, and balance problems and myriad other health issues through traditional methods such as physical therapy, injections, chiropractic, or even surgery. His training has lead him to treat pt’s with metabolic disorders, autoimmune issues, gastrointestinal issues and those who have not found the answers to their health problems in standard allopathic models.

Together with a team of experienced, multidisciplinary practitioners at Integrated Physicians Medical Group, Dr. James is able to provide the utmost in high quality, nonsurgical, or minimally invasive care. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs, hosted his own radio show for 10 yrs on AM radio,and is highly engaged with communities in the greater Los Angeles area. and has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs, such as Geraldo, Dateline, KLOS, KLSX and KFI, and has appeared as the medical expert for the NBC investigative journalist David Cruz.

He took leave of active practice in 1999 to live in India for 6 months in an Ashram as the house chiropractor where he meditating for 2-5 hrs per day. He is a lover of meditiation, yoga, and high intensity interval training. He is happily married with one beautiful daughter and a sweet old yellow lab.





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