The most complete non-Surgical
Approach for your spine and disc pain.

we help restore function, eliminate pain and avoid surgery.

Our Story

How it all began, a single powerful chiropractic adjustment.

As a young man, I was wrestling with an older brothers friend and landed on my head and neck in an unfortunate way. I couldn’t lift my head off my shoulder despite all the ibuprofen and aspirin given to me. My father suggested that we go see his friend, Dr. Martin Lawrence down the street, the neighborhood chiropractor.


Find out how Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression gives them lasting relief without surgery




Finally, chiropractic care alongside advanced non-surgical spinal decompression technology, neurologically based rehabilitation procedures and functional medicine
to get you back on your feet.

What you can expect...

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In our office the process starts with our initial conversation. You talk, we listen. We arrive at the starting point of your symptoms.

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Insightful Examination

Our orthopedic neurological examinations are a thorough assessment of how your brain and your motor and sensory systems are working together. We look at how your joints move, we check your neuromuscular movement and kinetic chain, and any laboratory results. Then, we put all the pieces together for you in a patient friendly way.

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Advanced Diagnostics

We may send you for an x-ray, a weight bearing MRI, a CAT scan, EMG or NCV, or even blood tests.

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Diagnosis & Treatment Options

After we've gathered all this information, we give you a thorough understanding of your issue, your diagnosis and treatment options.

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Conditions Chiropractic can help

Chronic Back & Neck Pain

Herniated Discs / Pinched Nerve

Degenerative Disc Disease

Disc Protrusions

Disc Extrusions


• Slipped Disc

Spinal Stenosis

• Spondylolysis

• Spondylolisthesis

Disc Sequestration

Joint and Knee Pain


• Retrolisthesis

Ruptured Discs


Hear What Our Patients Are Saying

"I am incredibly grateful to Dr. James for his expertise, his diagnostic skills, commitment and integrity and I am thrilled and moved by the results that I have gotten here. I highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering in pain, with a pinched nerve or who has been misdiagnosed, or has been told that neck surgery is the only option. "

Dr. Jay Grossman DDS

"I had severe low back pain, and couldn’t even tie my shoes because of a herniated disc in my low back. I was terrified of having the surgery that the orthopedic surgeon wanted to do on me. After a few short weeks with Dr. James’ program, I had no pain at all. Now, it's been over a year and I haven't had any pain whatsoever, and I’m running and playing sports again! It was by far the best investment I ever made for myself."

Jasna Karakas

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